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Friday, September 19, 2008

Additional War News


Well, what do ya know about that? Iran says that its missile fleet can reach ships in the Persian Gulf. ROFLMAO!! Really? We have some missiles that can depart from a field in the US Midwest and arrive downtown Tehran in about an hour or so. Go for it you moron. Idiots. The US Fleet stationed not too far away has enough OOMPH to cremate the entire gnat's ass gulag of Iran also. Piss off Iran. I remember you very well.

The New USSR said it will be selling arms to Iran and the Little Boy Chavez in Venezuela. I suppose the Monroe Doctrine should be strictly enforced and hopefully, it won't take 13 Days.

I am still waiting for someone with a set of balls between their legs to nail Czarbie for the Logan Act violations. Lord knows Melanie Morgan smells blood.

Pakistani scum sucking Taliban (democrat same-same) said they were behind the Barcelona attacks. So, nuke the bastards and be gone with them. For that matter, nuke San Francisco.

I don't know about this but someone seems to think that the New USSR is one step away from irrelevancy. You mean like democrats? Or troll sluts and whores from Canada? Just curious.

Mosul, Iraq opens up its first independent news service.

Zawahiri says no more passwords...LOL! Better late than never. In other news, we are now informed that the USA toppled the Taliban in 1991. I wasn't aware of that but, thanks for the update Al Reuters. Please try and keep up, OK?

General David Petraeus says we can kick-ass wherever we want to or need to...makes no never mind to him.

Sri Lanka says it sank terrorist gunboats and killed some scum suckers. Good. I hope the sharks don't get ill.

16 dumbasses got caught selling arms and equipment to other idiots and anti-Americanists. Whining has begun. I wonder if they had any sympathies towards the terrorists fighting and killing our coalition forces? Ya think? Must be more of those tolerant liberal sycophants. On top of this, we have global cultural jihad right down town Boston, MA. Go friggin' figure. Good thing I don't live there.

Click here to learn of 4 devastating strategies that unhinged and defeated the scumbag AQ in Iraq. For some War porn, click this.

William Ayers, Czarbie's pal, a while back got a gift of rings made from downed US Fighters as a thanks in helping lose the war in Vietnam. They met in Cuba. Nice friend that moron and big-eared asswipe Czarbie has, eh? And, some are wondering if Czarbie's yammering about the Af-Pak war will be honored...by him. Don't hold your breathe for a Marxist to act honorably.