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Friday, September 19, 2008

American Politics and The Whiners On the Left Part 1


It just isn't fair, dammit! The Democrats were supposed to be winning and here comes along that old white haired dude that is too old to even know what a computer is and that chick from Alaska that no one knows about or has even heard from her. Alaska? Where is that again?

As the Czarbie Camp decries that he reaches across the aisle, I have to laugh because I have been adamant about not reaching across the aisle (unless to smack somebody) and it has been shown in a study that McCain reaches across 55% of the time to Czarbie's 13%. So much for that Change thing.

In a Czarbie waaaaahmbulance video, he whines about being exposed for the slug that he is. Cry me a river you Marxist.

In the Washington Times, David Limbaugh brings us an interesting expose in regards to authenticity versus charisma of Czarbie. Seeing that he has no authenticity or credibility to speak of, the only thing he can do is talk like he knows something. Naturally, he must use a teleprompter because if he doesn't, when he tries to refute something he always confirms whatever it is he is trying to refute. I find that oddly curious. Evidently he missed those classes where thinking before one speaks was taught.

Instead of rational debate, as the left proclaim to be after, they bring in the race cards and if one doesn't vote for Obama because he is black, they are racists. That sounds like a racist remark but, what do I know? I was always under the impression that one was to consider the qualifications of candidates and not their race. Silly me. I would vote for Michael Steele in a nanosecond.

In some circles it has gotten so blatantly viral, this election cycle has the folks (socialists and Marxists alike) at the Daily Kos proclaiming that they have the most accurate polling system in the known universe. I wonder if they know that the Czarbie Camp is in bed with ACORN, the voter fraud experts - after all, they run the outfit that commits voter fraud on a regular basis. And, they work to get Democrats elected. Why they feel it necessary to cheat to win causes me to think that their parents didn't teach them any morals.

Other Czarbie supporters like Freedom of Speech so much that they use that "crutch" (to use their terminology) to stifle others in their constitutional rights of Freedom of Speech. Does anyone see that as a double standard besides me? This happens quite often. There is no end in sight it would seem and I find it disheartening, actually, that a Presidential Aspirant would actually promote and approve of such activities. The Times' Swampland is rife with such vitriolic buffoonery.

Jules Crittenden has a fantastic piece on the Obamathink. Kind of scary, actually but still a great piece. Therein, one will find all manner of left-side whining and Debbie brings us an interesting detail of the THE UNIONS OF SOVIET-STYLE SOCIALIST DEMOCRATS.

If one really wants to hear the Leftinistra whine, just question Czarbie's executive experience. Holy cow! I tell them to calm down on that one. It isn't our fault if Czarbie doesn't have any. If they are going to whine about it, go call Czarbie and whine at him. He's the one that lies and says that he has everything it takes to lead the most prestigious and powerful nation on this planet and he obviously doesn't. Take a chill pill me lads. I would tell them that they need to pray about it but, there are too many in their number that pretend to be Christians. Most, in the end run checking, are atheists. When the button to the left was created and published, I could hear the gut wrenching wailing from Texas.

And, by the way, Czarbie is the largest whiner on the left side at the moment. He is trying to get the Department of Justice to stop those mean ads that expose him. That sounds like poor sportsmanship to me on top of abuse of power. I thought that he was all for the Constitutional rights of Americans. So, here he is trying to stop people from expressing themselves? What is that all about? They turned him down. I bet he and his folks used up cartons of tissues over that one. No Witch Hunts Czarbie. Sorry. Again, it isn't our fault that he has a friend named William Ayers of the Weather Underground, is it?

Another way to get the leftists all atwitter is to mention all of the other dubious associations with known anti-Americanists. Just a small hint of them and the Tear Brigades slither from their dark, rank spider holes. There are so many ways to set the whiners off. It is due, mostly, to their emotional instability. They are so emotional that now, seeing that their childish antics are backfiring on a regular basis, they have decided to fix it by getting worse. Odd that.

As we witness the DNC nosedive, the shrillness and ugliness of losers becomes a clamor not easily ignored. And, as we chronicle the Czarbie breakdown(s), the din resulting is quite entertaining if not pathetic. Does anyone really know who Czarbie is? We already know what he is but, just who in the hell is he?

Stop whining, please. It isn't our fault that the American People see Czarbie for what he is and that his campaign is in disarray. He did it all by his lonesome. Well, maybe Czarina had something to do about that while McCain sat back and watched he and she go at it like two idiot Identity Politics hounds that they are. Get over it. It isn't our fault that Czarbie is a socialist looter. Is it? Go whine on his lap.

One of these days, idiots like this will just scurry off back to their spider holes or even fall into that Abyss of Obscurity. They remind me of that KKK Byrd character that waves a copy of the Constitution around like he knows what it says about anything. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that the media is in Czarbies hinder parts and he in theirs. As he tries to undermine his own country for political gain, the media is right there with the louse.

Please stand by for Part 2. I have no idea how many Parts this will be but I have had enough of chronicling the whining Leftinistra for the time being.

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