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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Obama - Nobama - Czarbama - Czarbie - Fraud and Treasonous Scum


Barack Hussein Obama. No matter what you call the floppy-eared goofy-ass socialist thug, raised by communists, socialists and social engineering Enemies of The State, he is indeed a Clear and Present Danger and should be shed and shunned from the borders of the United States. However, since he is - theoretically - an American citizen, that just isn't feasible. He has the constitutional right to be a blithering idiot if he so chooses to be. That said, their are actions and repercussions to being subversive, seditious and treasonous. There are laws on the books for such actions. There are consequences to be paid for violating these laws. Unless, naturally, one is a Democrat and especially if that Democrat is a presidential aspirant.

The Logan Act and The Smith Act are still in affect and Czarbie has violated both on numerous occasions. I have a select collection of posts and articles here. However, there is one post everyone in America needs to read, heed and get the DC turd-brains to comprehend. We are sick and tired of them using our Troops as political footballs.

Radarsite: (the post was created by a comment left there on a previous post)
I don't understand.

I don't understand why no one is holding Sen. Obama accountable.

My brother has been in Iraq for 17 months. 17 months he hasn't seen his 2 little girls, his wife, or any of the rest of us (his family). And no one cares that Sen Obama decided to use my brother and others like him in Iraq for some kind of political game.

No one gives a damn.

I don't understand how supporters of Sen Obama who have family or friends in the military are choosing to brush this off.
What isn't there to understand? I am not trying to sound crass or rude either when I ask that question. It has been readily evident to me for years now that the Libocrats want America to lose the war and the more Troops we lose, the better their chances are to win an election and lose a war...just for political power.

However, we have stopped them from doing that...lose the war. However, again, they are complicit and directly responsible for the at least 60% of the casualties among the Troops in Iraq and Afghanistan and I am working on proving that.

I shall never give that up and I am not ready to give up the fight.