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Friday, September 19, 2008

The Leftinistra Are Destroying the Economy...On Purpose


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Some of them know it and some are just plain stupid. I don't know which ones scare me the most. The willfully criminal or the willfully ignorant. I have reported on this earlier here and below is more folks chiming in.

Back in 2005, the DNCers blocked the GOPers when they tried to bring this current mess to the forefront and fix it. That is bad on the DNCers. Not to be unexpected but Pelosi denies that the Democrats had anything at all to do with the current mess. Naturally, she is a liar. As the Democrats try once again to rewrite history, we in the Main Street Media are here to stem that tide of dishonesty and flat out fraud. John McCain tried to bring this all to the Nation's attention but the Leftinistra were too busy whoring themselves out for that evil capitalist money thing. And then they dare whine about those damned rich people - which they themselves are. Morons. And then there is Czarbie the Fraud. Back in 205 he was considered to be one of the family of Fannie Mae and has received quite a tidy sum as a pay-off to shut up (video here).

Just in case you don't know this yet, it has been decades of the Leftinistra bleeding this country dry that has created this current financial crisis. The only way, in my opinion, to fix this thing is for every Democrat in Congress were to resign and leave politics forever. Then we MIGHT be able to find some honest non-lifers to fill their slots. We can also dump some damn RINOs because they are Democrats that have infiltrated like a good terrorist would do.

Naturally, the liar Pelosi is trying like crazy to blame Bush...he sure is a busy guy. I think we should put Ted Nugent as Speaker of The House. So far, Ted, McCain and Palin are the only ones that have a positive outlook and are working to turn this crisis on its ear. GWB is trying but...

Naturally, seeing that neither Pelosi or her lap licker Reid knows what to do besides blaming someone else for THEIR created problem, they are set to adjourn. Morons.

As far back as 2003, President Bush brought this current issue up but the Leftinistra would have none of it. They were too busy raking in the cash. Hell CONgress controls the banking rules. Who does the oversight on the alleged oversight pukes? It most certainly cannot be Czarbie because he is deeply and intimately linked to the failed corporations. That dingbat wants trickle up economics and only socialist states have that and just look at those economies! No thanks.

Czarbie says that he has the fix but he is too busy trying to win an losing race to the White House. Right. Country first Barack? Not hardly.

Theoretically, there is going to be bold, sweeping changes. With that news, apparently the market is happier today than it was yesterday and the day before. I am getting sick and tired of the word "change".

More at Memeorandum as the Paulson Plan is said to perhaps cost TRILLIONS...EGADS! Thank a lot you dumb ass Democrats.