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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Trouble In The Czarbie Camp Part XXXXXX


So McCain is pulling away in battleground states, folks are writing to Czarbie informing him that he is such a fool, unhinged moonbats are coming up with obscene and retarded "artifacts" for Sarah, the fruit loop brigades absolutely hate Sarah, the Marxists at the KOSmonoff dementia collective have conducted the Sarah Palin Fade poll, Dumb and Dumbest claim that Conservatism is dead, the KOSmonoffs say that they are going to get tough, the old media is falling with Czarbie and can't get back up and the McClatchy News whines that the public is too mean to the press. And we are to take them seriously? Why, yes. We are. Just look what they have done to this nation for the last 3 or 4 decades. Now that we have the upper hand, we cannot afford to sit back, sigh and down a cold one or two or three.

The No Oil Zone demented rats in CONgress are proposing yet another entitlement program - GAS STAMPS - and they wonder why the nation is going broke? We have moonbats like Jill Greenberg running around loose with her BDS hanging out and the media hires this unhinged idiot to do a McCain photo spread. And they wonder why we laugh at them scornfully?

Now that the GOP woke up and caught Conservatism again - to a large degree - and have managed to awaken the Silent Majority again, we soon discover why the Leftinistra so hate Conservatives. In short, whenever a socialist liberal goes up against a conservative, the conservative wins every time - without fail.

Czarbie's war room is a mess and the whiners and Soros lap lickers are sore afraid. The more we find about the unknown moonbat from the south side of Chicago, some begin to wonder what will come of the failed Messiah of the DNC. As it is increasingly evident that Sarah Palin is light years ahead of Czarbie in just about everything, more and more moonbats and other members of the fruit loop brigades exclaim just how frightened they are of Sarah Palin. Good for them. I hope they enjoy their strokes or at least move out of the country as they have promised upon many an election - and have yet to do so. Doesn't that make them liars?

As European dip dunks express their fears about Palin, it is soon discovered that for the first time in American History, a Presidential election will be decided by the VP pick(s). Screw Europe. As the world comes to grips as to what Hope and Change really is, Czarbie is hammered by other Czarbie-ites for not paying attention. He just might be ADHD and a host of other irrelevant letters all scrunched together.

As the very first presidential aspirant breeches that magical 50% poll thing, it is soon discovered that it wasn't Czarbie and he and his tribe are classified as scum shortly thereafter due to their reactions to no longer being invincible. Must really suck to be scum. Then again, as racist as they are, should we have expected any other MO? That 50% thing really hurt seeing that on the same day, The One That Was The One is now tied in Minnekstan with McCain. Hell, even Reagan didn't take Minnekstan. This is huge.