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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Republicans and Media Bias


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In a long history of factual media bias, let us take a look at some recent history.

Breitbart brings us an account of CBS News: Palin Shuns Reporters Traveling With Her on Campaign Trail. After all, did she not say in her VP speech at the GOP Convention that she wasn't going to DC to make nice-nice with the dinosaur media?

Maggie's Notebook brings us the story of how the media distorted Sarah Palin's words and tried to twist them into her linking Saddam's Iraq with 91101 which, clearly has never been stated by anyone in the Bush Administration. The moonbats have tried to convince people that GWB did connect that dot but most of us know better than that.

Bradley Burston brings us a story about What is truly frightening about Sarah Palin. And, it does my heart good that such a Conservative Republican Libertarian scares the hell out of the status quo. Screw them and screw Bradley. Sarah Palin supports Israel you big dummy and Barack does not. You, Bradley, scare the hell out of me. More on this at Memeorandum.

Michelle Malkin brings us a story that reminds us all that we have to continuously fact-check the liberal fact-checkers. This was all so obvious when FactCheck presented some erroneous facts in regards to Nancy Pelosi, T Boone Pickens and the largest land and water grab in US history. More on that later.

Sonlit Knight brings us the story on how the GOP is fighting the Palin smear in regards to yet another non-issue issue in regards to the Non-Troopergate issue. The press was all over that one and it now appears that the witch hunt has died a painful death.

JWF brings us the story on the emotional break down Wolf Blitzer of CNN experienced when he heard tell of a prominent Hillary backer endorsing John McCain. That doesn't appear to be objective to me. How about you? More of that story at Memeorandum.

Gateway Pundit brings us the story about Donald Trump now endorsing John McCain and the media is just passing softball sized kidney stones over it.

Bash brings us the story on the discovery that the chief Palin smear dude is a fraud. What is it with these Winter Soldier cowards anyway?

MEMRI brings us a story about an interview of Howard Zinn at Al Jazeera news as he explains that the only thing they can hope for is a rebellion in the United States. He has always subscribed to the overthrow of the United States. I wonder why the media doesn't "expose" him. (snort worthy question btw)

Naturally, DarkSyde at the KOSmonoffs whines about the "socialist republicans" trying to brush off what DarkSyde and company are and project their standings in life onto someone else. Typical libtard moron tactic.

Reid Wilson brings us a story of how the Iraq War is not a campaign issue in 2008. I wonder where this guy has been hiding. We will rename him Clueless Reid Wilson and change that first name, OK?

Donald Douglas brings us a story with a video on how the Leftinistra - the lap lickers of Czarbie - are bed-wetting over the tanking of The Used To Be The One.

HWT brings us a story in regards to the blatant stupidity of DNC leaders trying to pass themselves off as disgruntled republicans and using letterhead with their position as a DNC member to make a point. I found that pretty interesting.

Warner Todd Huston brings us this story: Here is Where we WILL Hurt if Journalists Lose Their Jobs En Masse. He is concerned that if journalism dies due to partisan journalism, government corruption will blossom. As he states, that is where we come into play, The Main Street Media. Let not your heart be troubled.

Protein Wisdom brings a story on how Czarbie is trying to use courts and the media to squelch questions about his associations with people. Troubling as that is, I wonder how far je is willing to take that and why.

Allahpundit brought us the scandal that the media was all over in regards to the tanning bed that Sarah Palin owns. EGADS!! After all, she also wears designer clothes! What is this world coming to?

Now, what if all of this was a Republican? Just once and only once, I would like to see if the folks calling themselves journalists actually adhere to their ethics creed.