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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Happy Constitution Day America


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Wouldn't it be nice if our political leaders instead of pretending to be adhering to the United States Constitution actually did adhere to the United States Constitution?

Wouldn't it be nice if whenever our political leaders both on the State and Federal levels of government reconcile each every piece of introduced legislation with the United States Constitution?

Wouldn't it be nice if our political leaders on the Federal level would actually state that if the powers they seek for themselves cannot be reconciled with the verbiage of the United States Constitution, then it is referred back to the States? Imagine that? Didn't we fight a Civil War over this?

Wouldn't it be nice if SCOTUS would actually have the personal and professional integrity to not hear cases petitioned to them and refer them back to the States?

Wouldn't it be nice if the Federal Judiciary didn't interfere with State Rights?

Happy Constitution Day America. What are we going to do about Judicial Tyranny?

Happy Constitution Day America. What are we going to do about Federal Congressional Tyranny?

What would our Founding Fathers say today when the SCOTUS tells any State what laws are valid and which ones are not? What would they say today when the Federal Courts stick their noses in where it doesn't belong and overturn "select" State Laws that the People of those States so choose to have by vote?

What would the Federal Judiciary namely SCOTUS say if We The People stood up and said something like, "We do not recognize your imposed authority."? Do you think they would be distraught or indignant? I would say that they would be.

Happy Constitution Day America. Let's Take Our Country Back by Taking Our Constitution Back.

We have a Federal Judiciary run amok. We have Congress Critters run amok. We have political leaders that wave a copy of the US Constitution over their heads while stump speeching yet have no idea what it says or how it applies to anything.

We have people in this country that aid, abet, enable and embolden our enemies in a time of war and claim Freedom of Speech. Freedom of Speech, my friends, has its limitations. There is such a thing as accountability for those words freely expressed. There is such a thing as consequences for rendering aid and comfort to the enemy.

We have American citizens that while referencing their Constitutional Rights, they advocate the overthrow of the United States Government by replacing it with a morphed form or convoluted socialism-communism-Americanized liberalism which is diametrically opposed to the United States Constitution. Pick a subject and see for yourselves. But, first, one must first know what the Constitution states.

For instance, National Health Care or, as some would call it, Socialized Medicine. Some are calling for the Federal Government to provide or make provisions for National Health Care. That sounds nice doesn't it? Reconcile that with the United States Constitution and I just might go along with it. However, it cannot be reconciled with the US Constitution so it shouldn't even be brought up after the first time. Good idea? Sure. Constitutional? Certainly not.

However, because a Federalized Health Care Plan is indeed unconstitutional, that doesn't mean that the individual States cannot offer their people in those individual States State Health Care if the people in those States desire that to be their particular State Law. End of discussion in that regard.

Happy Constitution Day America. Get back to that Founding Document. Learn it. Read it. Memorize it. Study it. Quote it. Apply it. Whenever you hear of some federal legislation being presented for debate, ask the following, "What is the chapter and verse as so stated in the US Constitution that backs this legislation up." Pick a subject - any subject - and find it in the US Constitution. If you cannot find it, the issue belongs to the individual States, period. End of discussion.

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