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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Trouncing Moonbats Is Fun


Here we go. This is the first moonbat comment on TOCB since I brought it back on-line.

The comment was placed on a post entitled, Idiots On The Left: Frozen Brains and Dead Flesh. The post was in reference to one of those blind as a bat writers at the Snakes and Idiots blog where the wack jobs on the left hang out. Well, one of many places they hang out.

What the left doesn't understand or at least refuse to acknowledge is this: Islamic Jihad stipulates that any Nation or Peoples that does not subscribe to Islam-Shar'ia Law will either be wiped out or enslaved. Period. The End. So, one of "them" states the following in the comment section, link here.
Oh here we go again... another nutjob Christian group preaching that "they" know better than us and then they threaten us with destruction. Frankly I don't care about your religion or any nutjob religion. To me you are the same as the Taliban trying to force your religious nut-jobbery on others.

Throughout history no other concept of man has caused more destruction death rape and misery as religion. It is you that will face final judgement in the end. We that are live and let live will inherit the earth.
Incredible. Let's respond to this cretin's verbiage, shall we? But, first, please take note that there were no "religious" references in the piece commented on.

First off, the TOCB isn't a "Christian group" and I don't "preach" here. Period. I expose morons such as "Patrick". If Patrick chooses to be an idiot, so be it.

Second, I do know better than "it" because I have don e my homework and have faced "them" in battle. I have studied Islam and know what it is and its intentions.

Third, I am not the Taliban. If I was, I would be hunting Patrick and similar morons down and cutting off their heads for blaphemy against the alleged allah, the satanic god of Islam.

Fourth, whereas I agree that "religion" has created problems in this world since time began, I would like to point out that religion was created by man, not God. Whenever God is removed from Faith and man is made to be "in charge", the "religion" does become a problem.

Fifth, it was Islam that first prostituted religion. That is historical fact.

Sixth, I will face Judgment Day and when I do, I will walk through those Pearly Gates, unlike Patrick.

Seventh, those that are of the school of thought of live and let live are the idiots that allow the Islamic murdering thug bastards to have free reign - at their peril. Islam doesn't accept live and let live. They believe that you worship allah or die and if the need be, you will be their slave. Period. The only thing the pacifist droids will inherit is allahs' sword.