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Friday, September 19, 2008

Trouncing Moonbats...What The Hell and Why Not?


There was a report that a Rabii was upset that Czarbie wasn't thrashing McCain or at least further ahead than McCain. Not only is Czarbie NOT thrashing McCain, Czarbie is actually BEHIND McCain. I say this because of the pollsters. When the pollsters which are historically leftist leaning cannot hide the fact that Czarbie is behind, that means that McCain is thrashing Czarbie.

The Rabii:
Once again I've started hearing Blue Staters responding with horror and shock that Obama has not shot McCain out of the water. "How can it be," they ask, "that after 7 years of war, the dramatic and scary economic collapse, growing ecological crisis, and undermining of human rights and civil liberties that Americans are not overwhelmingly rejecting McCain who supported most of the destructive policies of the past and shows no signs of changing them should he be elected? Americans," they go on to say, "must either be stupid, extremely militaristic or racist." [...]
Damn. They really are that dumb. The reason is basic and easy. The DEMOCRAT PARTY and their moronic followers have created this whole thing and THAT is historical fact. Period. End of discussion. Whine about it if you wish but whining won't change the facts readily discernible. Idiots. There must be thousands of words and letters in that article and I just simplified it. They try to explain it away but they cannot. Must suck to be a libtard moonbat moron these days.

Ian Welsh is another moonbat at SmolderingCurPond: these idiots believe taxing the hell out of everyone is the way to fix the economy. The problem with the economy, again simplifying it for these over-educated dolts, is the plethora of socialist programs and entitlement programs that DO NOT work yet we "poor" BILLIONS of dollars into these failed deals - just because. Then they whine about it. Morons. Cut ALL entitlements. Cut ALL socialist programs. Place the areas of responsibility back to the individual States - as our Constitution so dictates - and 90% of these self-induced "issues" will vanish. That was easy.

Then again, we can always count on the idiot Joe Klein to come out every time he can and prove to the world what a complete fool he really is. Must suck for him to wake up every morning knowing he was going to have to look at that jerk in the mirror. He thinks it is patriotic to rape people's funds too and call it patriotic. Moron. He must be the leader of this ignorant group of idiots as well.

Another moonbat here at Dumber and Dumbest Evah seems to be stuck on that Bush-Cheney criminal meme. Simply amazing. They never do offer up what it is exactly anyone did that was illegal. Well, if they refer to that World Court thing, that confirms that the brain dead do walk.