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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Democrats Want Economy To Tank


The economy that the Democrats shaped and formed is having its troubles but the economy is fairly secure. However, there are issues and these issues are making the Democrats happy, especially the Czarbie Democrats. As in past times, whatever will make America look bad, the Democrats will be more than happy to "capitalize" on that and although they are to blame for it, they will surely attempt (and mostly succeed) to pass that blame elsewhere for political gain. Why? Because they want a New United Socialist States of America, that's why.

Over the weekend there was bad news in the business sector. The Democrats are largely responsible for it but when asked, Oompa Loompelosi denied it and blamed President Bush. Let's look at that.

Excerpts from Mike's America:
The current financial crisis was sparked by the failure of the huge government backed mortgage companies Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac whose fraudulent accounting practices and willingness to encourage banks to make bad loans to people who could not afford them have undermined faith in the financial sector of the U.S. economy. [...]

[...] It's a financial crisis that was avoidable and that's where the scandal comes in. And the responsibility should be placed squarely on the Democrats who milked this financial cow for their own enrichment while ignoring the growing dangers. [...]

[...] Both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac used $174 million, to pay for lobbyists to insulate them from the tightened regulation and oversight that might have avoided this crisis. And it won't surprise many readers to learn that Obama received over $126,000 in campaign contributions since first running for the Senate in 2004. Obama ranked #2 on the list which includes mostly Democrats. By comparison, McCain received $21,550. Other top Democrats on Fannie Mae's money list include Senator Chris Dodd, who received a favorable loan from a related mortgage company, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. [...]
Yes indeed. This is a problem and the Democrats created the problem. It is such a problem that the Obamatards are filled with glee and are hoping that it gets worse. I think that is pretty sad that the Hope and Change jerk-off wants the economy to tank so he can win an election. And people trust this jerk? The Conservative Edge has a blurb about this which leads one to the Newsbusted Team:
Do you think the recent stock market collapse or troubles in the banking system are good news?

Well, according to CNN's Candy Crowley, the Obama campaign does. [...]
I have the audio capture and we will be playing and discussing this on the TOCB Radio program on 9/17 on BTR. From NRO's David Frum:
[...] More seriously: Here is potentially the largest financial disaster in American history. The American taxpayer stands to lose billions; Democratic insiders have extracted tens of millions. If Enron was a party scandal ... what is this?
Seeing that this scandal is a Democrat scandal, don't expect anything to come of it except for more finger pointing from the Children of The Corn.

Radio Patriot has the goods and makes the excellent point that it was government in general that has created this self-imposed economic crisis thing.

For a complete showing of who is responsible for what, Right Voices has compiled a Holy Smokes smoking gun post. A teaser:
[...] Taxpayers face a tab of as much as $200 billion for a government takeover of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the formerly semi-autonomous mortgage finance clearinghouses. And Sen. Christopher Dodd, the Democratic chairman of the Senate Banking Committee, has the gall to ask in a Bloomberg Television interview: “I have a lot of questions about where was the administration over the last eight years.” [...]

[...] We will save the senator some trouble. Here is what we saw firsthand at the White House from late 2002 through 2007: Starting in 2002, White House and Treasury Department economic policy staffers, with support from then-Chief of Staff Andy Card, began to press for meaningful reforms of Fannie, Freddie and other government-sponsored enterprises (GSEs).

The crux of their concern was this: Investors believed that the GSEs were government-backed, so shouldn’t the GSEs also be subject to meaningful government supervision? [...]
And which Administration was BEFORE the Bush Administration and which Administration tried to CORRECT the current problem starting in 2002? And, who stopped him? That would be the Clinton Administration and the Democrats, thank you very much. And Nancy Pelosi dares deny any complicity into this? What a cow.

Doug Ross brings up the fact that Czarbie has known for almost forever about all of this and did nothing but take their contributions...some say they bought him. I agree. Macsmind reminds us of a New York Slimes article from 5 years ago when President Bush was demanding oversight but was stopped by...democrats. And, America Needs Me brings us more data on The Fraud, aka The One, aka Czarbie. It is apparent that Czarbie doesn't want Hope and Change like he leads everyone to believe. The Hope and Change he wants is a socialist America with its own Czarbie controlled Civilian National Security Force.

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