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Sunday, September 14, 2008

The End Draweth Nigh


There is something in the air for the Party of Doom and Gloom and it smells like cherry blossoms to me. I suppose the odor and rank of decomposition is what they smell and it is for the good of the Nation which we call the United States of America. The closer we get to the national general elections the prettier the aroma of the DNC demise becomes and the ranker the decomposition of the socialists becomes. Poor things.

Barack Obama, the unknown upstart - the champion of Identity Politics - seems to be having issues with staying on track and on topic. For one, I think he should at least start with being honest. He is running as an African-American and he isn't one of those. He is pretending to be. His father was "black", whatever that is. His mother was "white", whatever that is. That makes him "gray", whatever that is. If he wants to play Identity Politics, he should run as the first Hybrid to aspire to the United States presidency. But, wait. All of the presidents so far are hybrids. So, disregard that last transmission.

If he was an honest man and I haven't heard of a DNC leader in recent years actually knowing what honesty is, he should at least openly admit to being the Marxist that he is. Then again, I am pretty sure that the nation is waking up to that factoid.

Jim Wooten has a piece up that pretty much sums up the Czarbie campaign - PANIC CITY. I find it pleasantly ecstatic that The One is fast becoming the Used To Be One - aka, a Has Been.
Barack Obama knows it. The election he had in the bag is slipping away.

The selection of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as John McCain’s running mate has so thrown him off stride, as it has most other Democrats, that all the momentum he had has vanished. He’s getting panicky advice from everywhere. He intends to launch more and sharper attacks, abandoning any pretense of a new and different, more civil campaign. [...]
Must suck to be Michelle O. I wonder if she is proud of America now. I wonder if she is proud that the Nation has decided that The One isn't. I doubt it. She is more than likely all back to being that hateful racist woman from the South Side of Chicago like that Leroy Brown character.

I agree with Jim Wooten. This race will go down in history as did the races with Dukakis, Kerry and Mondale. Czarbie said he was going to raise taxes and so did Mondale.

As Czarbie's supporters create more and more non-issues, as they usually do in order to win, Czarbie will keep dropping like an F4 with dual engine failure. Keep it up Czarbie. Go ahead and refuse to condemn such antics and thereby support and agree with them. This isn't the Senate Floor and you cannot continue to vote "present". It is time to make a stand in something other than quicksand.

More at World Net Daily...

JASmius sums it up thusly:
No, actually, it comes from Lucifer's analogizing Sarah Palin to a pig from Tuesday. That is, at least, the most proximate cause to this sudden four point shift. Evidently, a lot of respondents took that gaffe the way Hugh Hewitt did. It already looks like it may end up being Barack Obama's "macaca moment," the watershed point back to which his eventual defeat can be traced, when his candidacy "jumped the shark". [...]
Czarbie's "attack" on the Patriotism of McCain certainly isn't helping him any. Everyone knows that Czarbie is a Marxist and McCain is not. So, I can only conclude that when Czarbie asks "which country" when McCain talks about Country First, he must be looking in the mirror.