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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hillary Replacing Joe Biden? UPDATED


Political Suicide? I think so.

I have been holding off on this "story" for several reasons until now. It is quite possible and a VP switcheroo has been done at one time in our history.

Back in 1972, George McGovern had for his VP choice one Thomas Eagleton but it was soon discovered that he just might be mentally unstable because he had at one time undergone electro-shock therapy for depression. After McGovern stated that he stood behind Eagleton to the Nth degree, the next day he dumped him. He then went on to lose in 49 states. Will we see the same here?

Clearly Czarbie chose Biden because he wasn't about to have Hillary for personal reasons and Hillary was going to see to it that she swift-boated Czarbie to ensure her next shot in 2012. Be that as it may, there are rumors about that the switcheroo will take place after the first debate on 10/5/08.

No one knows for sure but Hillary has been awfully quiet for some time now. If Czarbie does do this switcheroo, it is my opinion that it will solidify what most Americans already know or at least suspect - Czarbie can't even get a simple VP pick right let alone run the most powerful nation on this planet.

The latest rumor is that after the VP debate on 10/2/08, Joe Biden is going to bow out stating health reasons. To me, this all reeks of a typical DNC bait and switch and I have often mentioned this possibility in various chat rooms and blog posts.

There are three posts you all need to read here, here and here. There is yet another article at Digital Journal written by Barbara Sowell that is also a must read in that the Leftinistra moonbat political hacks are going insane that we are even talking about this. The comment section is rife with libtard moonbats. Why they are "upset" about it is beyond me. Perhaps they also know that this would be the final straw on the Czarbie trip to that Great Abyss of Obscurity.

Jake Tapper of Political Punch chronicles the non-press coverage of Joe Biden as he traverses the nation "connecting" with the voters. His 737 mostly empty and small-time reporters going along for the ride have noticed that most ask a question, "Joe who?" Sad that.

Stay tuned. As for me, I am beginning to like the sound of President Sarah Palin. And, by the way, Biden is being told by his female supporters to not be afraid of debating Sarah Palin. He has been avoiding her but come 10/2/08, he just may have a mental break-down when she mops the floor with his dripping socialist rants.

The Huff and Puff is in panic mode:
There’s a worrisome shift in momentum and in the polls. The Palin phenomenon, while truly unfathomable to Democrats, has energized McCain’s campaign and allowed him like Houdini to snatch Obama’s “change” theme right out from under him. It’s time to snatch it back.

Conventional wisdom says replacing Biden with Clinton can’t be done. That it’s too late. That it’ll make Obama appear indecisive, impulsive and lacking good judgement. Many Democrats believe this would cause irreparable harm to the campaign, ringing Obama’s death knell. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, it’d be a freakin’ coup for Obama, and would instantly melt Palin’s undeserving outsize political ice cap. [...]
Dream on folks...dream on. Czarbie has tanked and this "change" which is "hopeful" will merely sink him faster.

Atlas Shrugs reporting in...and here...

Please vote this up at Digital Journal...thanks...

TimesOnLine: (snicker snicker snort snort, I might add)
THE high-heeled, moose-hunting governor of Alaska has sent Barack Obama’s campaign into a state of panic as support for the Democratic presidential candidate haemorrhages in the battleground states he must win to reach the White House. [...]

[...] I n t h e f a c e o f P a l i n ’ s onslaught, Obama has continued to base his campaign on the outdated claim that John McCain and his running mate represent four more years of a failed Bush administration.

A senior Obama adviser said candidly that claim did not work. “I don’t think it’s sticking. The McCain campaign has stolen our message of ‘change’ - the very thing we’ve been campaigning on for 20 months. Well, who’s the change? It’s McCain.” Palin’s astounding rise has left the Obama camp floundering for a new narrative that will capture the imagination of voters in the run-up to the November 4 election. “There is overreaction and panic,” the official admitted. “The hard part for Barack is she’s stolen his thunder a bit. It has knocked us off our game.” [...]

[...] Palinmania has washed away Obama’s polling leads in several swing states that he had been counting on to win. [...]

[...] “People still don’t know what Obama stands for. There’s a perceived elitism and something aloof about him. They just don’t connect with him,” the adviser added. “As a person, Palin is very intriguing. She’s attractive and funny and she’s a hell of a speaker. There’s an element of ‘she’s like us’.” [...]

[...] “I felt horrible,” she said. “When McCain announced that he had picked Palin, I went crazy. When you’re my age and Hillary’s, you want to give to the next generation. Hillary did that. She gave us Sarah.” [...]

[...] Mark Penn, Clinton’s former chief strategist, said: “The media is doing the kinds of stories on Palin that they’re not doing on the other candidates. People are going to conclude that they’re giving her a rougher time. This is an election in which the voters are going to decide for themselves.” [...]

[...] The Obama adviser said the Democratic candidate should remain true to himself. “He has to be who he is. When he was totally himself, he was doing so well. He should keep at the things he cares about instead of having people turn him into a pretzel.” [END]
Truly snort worthy if I say so myself. Count on it but do NOT let up on the pressure but, Czarbie is indeed toast.

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