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Friday, September 19, 2008

The No Oil Zone - Recent History and #dontgo Lives On


For quite a while now, at least since 01 AUG 08 anyway, the GOP has been pressuring the fraud Nancy to have an up or down vote on the American Energy Act. But, she has better things to do and went gallivanting around at tax payer's expense attending her book sales events. her book was a flop, by the way, and so is she.

At any rate, no pun intended, fuel costs have sky rocketed and have fallen. I think they call that market fluctuations but I call it an unnecessary CF. For a very long time, the DNC leadership has fought every effort to get the American People free of foreign oil. They have placed restrictions on where and when to drill. They have stopped all efforts to build new refineries. They have stated that oil companies can drill in certain areas but no one knows if there is any oil in those designated areas. More than likely, there isn't any but it looks good when the permissions are given. In the long run, this policy of theirs has come around to bite them where they sit.

I have a small collection of posts here and a vast collection located here.

Suffice it to say, Pelosi has been had. The #dontgo Movement which was borne the day Nancy pulled her little stunt in DC has beat her and has placed her on notice. The American People are demanding that she cease and desist with her blathering about saving the planet. That isn't in her job description the last time I looked.

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Suitably Flip says that oil is basically free now but you will have to go there and see for yourself. I thought that statement was odd until I sat down and read the article. CBS News tried to stem the tide of bleeding Democrats but that didn't work either. It was along the lines that, and I paraphrase, "Hey! Fuel costs are coming down now so why drill?" That dog don't hunt. To add insult to injury, ABC soon follows the next day announcing that the drill ban has been lifted by CONgress. For stupid people, that sounds good. For those of us that have been following this issue since the early 1970's, we see it for what it is. A huge lie.

Hell. Even President Bush knows all about the #dontgo Movement and knows that we will not accept the Gang of 10 crap that grew into the Gang of 16 and eventually the Gang of 20 before it died a painful death. President Bush said that he would veto the damn thing that Nancy passed. Well, he didn't say "the damn thing" but you get the picture. And, no, we won't accept Gas Stamps either.

When nancy called the drilling issue a hoax, I cracked up. Now, President Bush is telling Congress that their "deal" is the hoax. What nancy has done is nothing. Her precious bill is nothing more than more of the same. So much for Change. And, even though the moratoriums for the most part expire at the end of September 2008, her bill would be nearly a mirror image of those moratoriums.

What I don't get is why Nancy is pretending that she doesn't know where natural gas comes from. I could go somewhere with that but I'm not - at this time. Of course she knows. She is in bed with T Boone Pickens in one of the biggest, if not the biggest, land and water grabs that would make the Robber Barons of yore ecstatic! T Boone Pickens has stated many times that we need to do ALL OF THE ABOVE when it comes to energy freedom and the GOP's American Energy Act does just that.

However, Nancy and her idiots are doing their best to make the energy crisis larger, deeper and more costly to the American People. This is simply unacceptable. She is purposefully making it worse to in some way blame President Bush when he vetoes the bill. Be that as it may, we will not allow that to go unpunished.

Redstate has been concerned about Congress listening to 70% of the American People that are demanding lower fuel costs and by God, it looks like they are. Well, at least the GOP is - for the most part - except for the idiot RINOs here and there. And just what in the hell is an energy freeze? Oh. Wait. I know what that is. I have written quite a few articles on that. Nancy doesn't want to drill because she is heavily invested with T Boone Pickens and her husband plopped down a tidy sum. I wonder if there is any conflict of interest going on there. Her bill pretty much bans drilling but promotes renewable fuels which is YEARS away from coming on line. What a fool she is for thinking that we don't know these things.

Yid is calling the bill a phony bill and he is 100% correct on that. Yid also said that Nancy "snookered" us out of our oil...again. Speaking of snookered...I distinctly remember Nancy saying at one time that the oil belongs to the American People. If that is so, why, then, do we not have it yet?

Weekly Standard also sees this as Pelosi Hoax. Texas Fred wants us to do something - like go after - about the Bakken Oil Formation up in the Dakotas and Montana. Hell. I have known about it for almost forever.

We have so much oil under our own soil it is mental instability causing us not to go after it. Yes, we need alternative energy sources but doing nothing doesn't fix the damn problem and Weasel Zippers calls BS. He doesn't like Nancy either.

The most incompetent person in American political history, Harry Reid, has been saying that is it just too hard to get the energy crisis fixed. He says that there are too many ideas floating around and I suppose that just confuses the hell out of him. I sure hope he gets unelected one day.

Atlas calls Nancy's Hoax Bill a stunt. Indeed. She calls it fiddling while Americans burn - a Prius being sold as a Porsche. Jim Harper said that it appears to be quite evident that the cure for the energy crisis is lightning...tongue in cheek. The bill was introduced late at night and passed the next day and is so full of holes that they hope above hope that someone else will have to deal with the energy crisis at a later date. Idiots all.

Apparently, it is so hard to ALLOW the American Energy Act to be voted on, there just be yet another adjournment. This is unbelievable. They are claiming that no one knows what to do.


Like McCain stated in Arlington, VA.:
I’m happy to be introduced by Governor Palin, but I can’t wait until I introduce her to Washington. Let me offer an advance warning to the big spending, greedy, do nothing, me first, country second crowd in Washington and on Wall Street: change is coming.
AMEN. As an effort at comical relief or levity for a moment, please check out Suitably Flip. Some Congress Critters are talking about selling fuel door-to-door. OK. Back to seriousness.

The Gang of 20 said that they wouldn't offer any energy solutions either because they are tired of talking about it. Well, that is how I read it anyway and the idiocy of the Chief Gomer, Barack, is just too painful to acknowledge. While the Gang of 20 surrenders, the American People suffer due to the inability of our CONgress to give a damn about the people they have sworn to serve. Imagine that. It's just too damn hard to do their jobs because we are watching them. It is so much better for them when we don't know what in the hell they are up to until it is too late. Sorry, pals. Those days are HISTORY. Because of that, the Gang of 20 input is dead in the water for now.
The bill was a high tax (Biden-esque patriotic!), bogus drilling nightmare.
I say: Hooah!
Ace says, “Huzzah!”
It’s one less GOP-supported sellout we have to worry about.
For now…
Morons. Who elected those idiots anyway?